At Home With Sir Ken Robinson.
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For the first time ever Sir Ken Robinson (of Do schools kill creativity? fame) attended a TEDx and it was in his home town of Liverpool. As well as presenting the second half, he was interviewed (part one, part two) and gave the epilogue.
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Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Maybe. Do TED talks kill creativity? Hell yes.
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I was at that talk - I'm the dude with the badge at 7:25!
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Slavish imitation of the most successful TED talks as the only possible avenue for disseminating ideas is a problem but I encourage people to check out the longer interview OP linked to here. Ken Robinson isn't just an 18-minute talk, he has some good ideas and is doing interesting work.
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Also, to follow-up on that, the other criticism people level at TED is its atmosphere of technocratic elitism ("If everyone just listened to our cadre of genius designers the world would be saved").

One could criticize Robinson as talking up abstract ideals ("creativity" "diversity") over practical techniques, but I don't think it would be fair. One, because his whole point is there isn't a single standardized technique for educating people. Two, because he's not going to go into the details of, say, his 1982 textbook The Arts in Schools in a short talk. He doesn't argue for technocratic solutions, it's more about values and processes.
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