"Y bien zapateao!" - Happy 18th of September!
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Los Picantes sing a cueca about being an expatriate - La Cueca del Patiperro, including one paya dedicated to those flying the flag abroad, wherever you are!

For the more classical taste, some more cuecas you may recognize: These are two of my personal favorites: Los Lagos de Chile, (aka. Pirihueiii!, "The Lakes of Chile"), and Jaime Atria's La Consentida ("The Spoiled One").

Or how could we forget Violeta Parra's Cueca de los poetas ("The Poets' Cueca", with subtitles).

Tiquitiquití! Tiquitiquití! Y vueeeelta!

And if cueca is not your thing, and you're more of a highlands person anyway, here is a gorgeous diablada, Diablo rojo, diablo verde, played by the beautiful Pascuala Ilabaca and Fauna, her band.

Or how about this North-South, heartbreaking hybrid of a folk-love-song, Run Run se fue pal norte, in Violeta's original, and Inti-Illimani's later redition.

And since we're looking South, here's a bunch of chilote superhits featuring clever wives and sassy girls being courted: El Curanto ("Get up, you lazy fisherman!"), celebrating Chiloé Island's typical barbecue-in-a-hole. Then, there is a cheerful ode to La Tejedora, the wise women weaving the fisher's net. And next to last, but not least, La Trastrasera (here performed by the talented young dancers of Jardín Bambi, as it is performed every year in September, in every pre-school and kindergarden across the country.)

Finally, Jorge Yánez singing the sad waltz of a wool hat, its faded colors in the rain a metaphor for fading love.
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Viva Chile, mierda. (Tom was born in Chile.)
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