Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz
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Bargeloads of art and exhibit materials have been going out to the former prison island of Alcatraz recently, all for an imprisonment- and human rights- and freedom of expression-themed exhibit by Chinese activist dissident artist Ai Weiwei, who designed and directed the installation while remaining under detention in Beijing. The barged materials include over a million Lego blocks, assembled in San Francisco.
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According to What? was deeply impressive. Wish I could get out to SF to see this. Course, I'm sure Ai does, too.
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Thank you for sharing this. If I was in the states, I would be planning a trip to California just to see it.

His work is very moving and impressive in person and I can't recommend it enough. Thinking of the backpacks on the Haus der Kunst, which I saw a few years ago, still makes my heart ache.
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I am super excited about this. MeFi outing, maybe?
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I would be down for that.
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I don't doubt the sincerity but I wonder if he consulted with Native Americans for whom Alcatraz is also a symbol. One of TFA's indicates that installation was designed with respect to, "a site of Native American heritage and protest" but doesn't seem to indicate cooperation.


I'm quite relieved to see Ai Weiwei being able to communicate with the outside world. I was afraid he was going to disappear into a government maw.
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According to What? was deeply impressive.

The installation of the rebar from the building destroyed by an earthquake still haunts me.
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