"Once upon a time there was no not a king." - Carlo Collodi, basically.
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KC Green, the cartoonist currently writing and drawing Gunshow and writing the pre-apocalyptic fantasy-western Back (with art from Nedroid's Anthony Clark) has embarked upon a third project: a chapter-by-chapter adaptation of Carlo Collodi's Pinocchio, currently up to the end of the book's first chapter.

In his own words (links added): "My references for the story is the physical Puffin Classics release of the story and free text of the story that I just googled for. The dialogue and certain things differ from each text, so I am just picking and choosing my favorite ones that fit with how I want to present it."
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Mr Green is a gem.
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hahaha KC Green is a treasure. I didn't know about theses other projects - very excited for his nedroid collab.
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KC Green is one of my favourite people.
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Oh, cool! I knew KC Green had a good Twitter account, but this gives me a good excuse to actually go read Gunshow and this new thing. Thanks for posting it!
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