I Hate Myself for Blogging You
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I Hate Myself for Blogging You -- or, more accurately, I Hate Myself for Blogging Myself. Can invert and non-invert habitués of Metafilter please look at my blog and tell me if my feelings on love at first sight ring true or not? It's because I think they do, but they're so dang radical I need people to genuflect and shout "We're not worthy!" or, conversely, whip out a white glove, slap me across the face, and pour the glove's concrete gravel onto the tarmac. Is what I'm saying.
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Shurley that's not a spelling error in the very first paragraph!
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why write the thing in one small column at the very side of the page??
not impressed
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"Shurely?!" is a Private Eyeism. A lot of bloggers use narrow columns, except that mine is more annoying than most.
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Folks, he's asking for comments on what he wrote, not how he wrote it. Sheesh. :P Joe, an email is working it's way towards you, as soon as I can edit it into coherency.
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I don't believe in "love at first sight" because I believe that true love is primarily a function of personality and not looks, and you cannot know anything about someone's personality just by looking at them (or by talking to them for a short time).

"Love at first sight" is infatuation, not actually love. If you've never felt true love, it's easy to see how you could be confused.

This applies equally to any relationship between any two people. True love always builds slowly, because true love isn't really an emotion; it's more like a change of values and priorities.
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in that case, i'll take the infatuation.
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bwahahahah... yeah, really, tough choice.

Is there a time limit, an expiration date, on infatuation? In other words---how long after a first starry-eyed meeting and subsequent involvement can one be reasonably dismissed as "infatuated"? I could tell you of some infatuation clocks that have been ticking along for years and years.

I think "true love" is in the eye of the beholder. That's my final answer.

Joe, as a female who's at least a couple notches to your left on the Kinsey scale (I am making assumptions here and hope you'll forgive me), I think I can't relate well enough to be much use for comments on your thoughts regarding the specific challenges of gay relationships. Although I have actually done a lot of thinking about how the risk of rejection by a new person has to be *always* about six times greater for same-sex would-be-couples, and how it must become very appealing to just sit down and give up after a certain number of attempts at discovering even potential for a relationship gone terribly wrong... it's one of those areas I have a little sympathy for bi-bashing by some gays; I can completely see how it would be so easy to be terribly bitter toward someone who can take or leave, to whatever degree, MOTSS relationships, when for a gay person it's all or nothing and nothing seems to have the upper hand...

no answers, but thought-provoking stuff by my scale; thanks for sharing.

Here's something I *do* know about, though: Netscape eating perfectly good webpages. As it does yours. Perhaps you know and just don't care anymore, but still... FYI.
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'For heteros, your attractions dawn on you gradually and there are few barriers to acting on them, where we can define "acting on them" to include "talking about them."'

I think love is always scary, regardless of the genitals involved.
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Genitals! My favorite!
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