January 30, 2002
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CVS for Writers? I've heard a lot of academics complaining about the negative effects of word processors on our ability to understand the writing process. They often bemoan the fact that we no longer have records of revisions. Writers should use CVS. The log functions would allow explanations of the motivations behind edits. Upon completion of a project, a complete record of the artistic process would exist in the CVS repository, from beginning to end. Any thoughts?
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People should write as they feel comfortable, not how they are "supposed to write".
posted by benjh at 3:31 PM on January 30, 2002

Version control for writing is no stranger to me. Since starting to use computers for prose writing in 1992, I've saved every changed draft into separate files, using version numbers. I don't think my prattling will ever justify using a formalized version control program. That reminds me, I should probably back up my LiveJournal more often, as I tend to rattle on about prose projects there.
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