Microsoft unsympathetic
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Microsoft unsympathetic toward ending serial killings. "Spokane County Sheriff Mark Sterk held an extraordinary public meeting two months ago and asked the public for fresh tips. He even wrote to Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, asking him to donate software to help analyze 10 years of homicide files; according to a sheriff's spokesman, Microsoft said no." => Lack of confidence in their software, or lack of a value system for MS?
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That's because Mr Gates is a serial murderer himself: he killed fourteen women aged 20 to 25 between the 1987 and 1992.

PS Since a subtle suggestion apparently didn't work a couple posts ago, I recommend you view the Elian G reunion photo, which I have thoroughly doctored up.
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Please. I can see it now "Microsoft had blood on its hands". Give me a break. You'd be ranting if they gave it away too. And god forbid if they bundled it with something of theirs. Face it, anything they do it won't be good enough for you. Pick a new target, this is getting old.
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Lack of "serial murder analysis software" occur to anyone? What the heck is "software to help analyze 10 years of homicide files"? I'm sure if "Microsoft Serial Murder Analyzer" existed, they would have donated it.

Geez, that entire paragraph is complete nonsense. "I asked Microsoft to donate software to resolve the Elian situation and they refused. I guess Microsoft isn't sympathetic to the plight of the Cuban refugees. Or Elian. Or Elian's father." "I asked Microsoft to donate software to end world hunger and they refused." "I asked Microsoft to donate software to safe my cancer-stricken grandmother's life and they refused."
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Even though they probably get thousands of similar requests every year, it is kinda strange that they'd turn down such a direct appeal. Still, it's not THAT hard to find a donatable copy of Access. As everyone here undoubtedly knows, the real cost is in data entry and data analysis.
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No, no, no! It's not serial murders, it's serial NUMBERS!!! Of course they won't give those away! How silly.
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