Sweet Mother of Preston Tucker!
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The Middleman might have only lasted 12 episodes (and one follow up comic) in 2008, but it has not been forgotten. The cast reunion and live reading of the new comic, Pan-Universal Parental Reconciliation, is now online.

The Middleman (and Javi) previously here, here, and here. He's also recently published an essay in the LA Review of Books about the second golden age of TV.
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Oh, also there's a landing pad for buying middlethings here.
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If you want to check out the comic that existed before the TV show, the first issue is free on Comixology. It's great fun. (Sorry for mobile link)
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Can't wait to watch. Thanks for posting.

The only two shows I've ever seriously longed for a second season: The Middleman and Firefly. So many unanswered questions...
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Story of O! Thanks for this, dinty_moore!
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OMG yay! I was wondering when this was going up...
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HOORAY! I just got my middlekateer comic book and was looking forward to hunting down the video of the reading.
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Oh, my, how did I ever forget how much I loved this show?

must rewatch
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Our city did an Art Walk After Dark kind of deal on Friday and there were many many many utterances of "ART CRAWL" during the duration.
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The Middleman? Yeah, I know it.

(I've always been sad Natalie Morales never seemed to find another solid role. I mean, she's had work, but she was such a natural Wendy, I thought we'd see more of her.)
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I read my new comic book last night and was startled to see someone I know getting zapped (he was one of the biggest contributers and got to have his face in the comic). Tonight I will watch the table read, yay!

And I second maryr's comment about Natalie Morales. She was treated shamefully on White Collar, where they put her FBI agent character in scanty clothing for no particular reason, and then cut her part in such a way that she found out about in public, via Twitter.

Apparently the show she's on now, Trophy Wife, is actually pretty good, although I haven't seen it. (Did it get cancelled?)
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Trophy Wife got cancelled already, yeah.

Way back when Agents of Shield was announced, I'd hoped that Natalie Morales would get cast as an agent there and I could pretend Wendy Watson got a transfer. Now SHIELD has a much darker tone, but I'd still welcome the chance.

I'd be happy to see any of the cast again. I know that Matt Keeslar quit acting, but Britt Morgan was also fantastic.
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The Middleman not getting a second season is a tv crime equal to Clone High not getting a second season.
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