“There is such a thing as the courage in remaining baffled.”
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If you haven't read The Hundred Brothers, run don't walk.
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The same should be said for John Jeremiah Sullivan's Pulphead.

The wiki I shared above has links to many of the essays in Pulphead, but if you want them all in one go, just find a copy at your library or wherever you purchase your books. Sullivan is one of my favourite non-fiction writers. Enjoy.
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It's famously difficult to explain a joke without killing its humor. I think the same is true with a lot of literary criticism.

Sullivan just nails it. There's something so non-reductive about his descriptions. I want to read things more like he does.
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This was, like pretty much everything by John Jeremiah Sullivan, a great read. A harrowing story, as well.

Antrim was recently on the always-excellent Bookworm.
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OMG yes. Sullivan is maybe the best living essayist around. Thanks for this.
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Donald Antrim, John Jeremiah Sullivan, a bunch of people on Metafilter who love both of them, a link to Bookworm. This post has me as excited and happy as Kristen Bell thinking about sloths. You guys are the best.
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I don't know about best living, but he puts out writing that's definitely worth reading. A couple others I like that are available online are:

Upon This Rock - about a Christian rock festival, slight shades of Getting Away From Pretty Much Already Being Away From It All.

Unnamed Caves (excerpt) - about pre and post Columbian art in Tennessee caverns. Compelling enough that it sent me on a two-day google image search for one of the pieces he describes (no luck).

Both are in Pulphead.
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Also, this looks like one of those threads where I add a new author to my to-read list, so thanks!
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I love The Verificationist, and The Afterlife is excellent. So happy that Antrim is having his moment...and even happier that he's alive.
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I'd never heard of this guy before, and even though he's associated with some writers I dislike, the article makes me want to read his work. Thanks for posting it, Fizz!
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