October 3, 2014 6:33 AM   Subscribe has reported that a prototype of the ISSpresso, an espresso machine heading to the International Space Station (ISS) next year, was recently displayed at the 65th International Astronautical Congress 2014.

A joint Argotec-Lavazza-Agenzia Spaziale Italiana project, ISSPresso was already underway last year when Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano (previously) said in an interview that the thing he missed most in space was a good Italian espresso.

This is only the latest in a series of space coffee innovations. Disappointed with the instant coffee abord the ISS, Costa Rican-American astronaut Franklin Chang DÌaz enlisted the aid of two students at the Technological Institute of Costa Rica to design and build a prototype of the Coffee Infuser.

Of course you need a cup for your coffee. Based on his work with the Capillary Flow Experiment (no audio, sorry) on-board the ISS, American astronaut Don Pettit created a surface tension coffee cup using a a piece of plastic ripped from his Flight Data File mission book. Pettit shares the patent on the Zero-G coffee cup.
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When will the British close the space tea gap?
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His wife and two daughters must feel very special.
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Well that takes care of the last thing holding up making a reservation for my space tourism excursion. (unfortunately the first 20 million 'things' are still on hold).
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Ohhh finally, the last technical hurdle in space exploration has been surpassed.
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Huzzah! The natural superiority of espresso over drip-filter is demonstrated. Spacily.
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I was kind of hoping for something like Gale's coffee maker from Breaking Bad.
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More discussion of capillary flow and espresso here. And yes, that's Don Pettit's actual garage.
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His wife and two daughters must feel very special.

In his defense, you can't skype an espresso.
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with this development we are now one step closer to the pumpkin - space - latte

this has been a comment, online
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I knew it wouldn't but I really hoped it would look like the machine Paulie Walnuts gave Tony Soprano.
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