Awesome artist's description of how he won a design competition
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Interested in art, architecture, design, numismatics, software? Then you will be fascinated by Dutch artist Stani's detailed description how he won the competition to design the 2008 commemorative 5 Euro coin themed "Netherlands and architecture". A brilliant insight into the designer's thought process and the technology used to implement his concepts.
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If anyone fancies having a go at this themselves then the UK is planning to hold a competition to replace the design on the £1 coin.
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This is delightful. What a terrific mix of math, logic, information presentation and visual beauty.

I keep on forgetting how much information density can actually be packed into metal - the size of the fonts within the Queen's face is tiny!
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Wow, information density is right! Fascinating, thanks for posting!
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> Interested in art, architecture, design, numismatics, software?

Wait, you mean some people aren't? Hunh.
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What a cool coin! And I love his ethic:

I would have loved to release the coin under the GPL, which could maybe solve the financial crisis. However for obvious reasons I was not allowed to do that.
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Norway has just released the new designs for its banknotes. They have a sea theme but apparently the two sides were designed by different studios and as a result have very different interpretations of the theme. One is heavily pixelated, the other quite traditional.
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