Hey Kids, What Time Is It?
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Ladies and Gentlemen, Buffalo Bob Smith: Live at The Fillmore East (1971)
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Oh, wow! My husband has a picture of himself with his sister and Buffalo Bob around 1955. He's going to freak out.
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My Dad was once in the peanut gallery, but my uncle mike started crying and they were yanked out. I think my old man is still pissed.
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This is great stuff. Thanks for posting.
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Oh, wow. Totally unrelated to the FPP, but that line, "Say kids, what time is it?" is used as a sample from one of my favorite bands. Also, the way the band uses it is totally what makes the use very good post modern sampling at it's finest.

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I was not old enough to see Howdy Doody, and neither of my parents had a television growing up. So I sort of pieced together what Howdy Doody was from Harvey Kurtzman's searing 1954 comic satire of it from Mad Magazine, which was reprinted in the Smithsonian Book of Comic-book Comics which I'd gotten as a Christmas gift one year. (Best Christmas gift ever.)

So I basically thought Howdy Doody was a sort of terrifying nightmare fuel that kids were forced to watch to punish them. Which, as far as I can tell, was absolutely true.

This concert, however, makes me think maybe Bob appreciated that satire. Just maybe.
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I vaguely recall seeing that show on the 10 inch, black and white TV set when I was about 5 or 6 years old (yeah, I'm old).

I had that uncanny valley feeling with H Doody at the time...and Clarabell was def my first scary clown experience!

I instantly recognize Buffalo Bob's voice from the links tho! That guy had presence!
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Oh yeah.

Oh yeah.

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God help me it just seems wrong to hear Bob Smith trying to do pot jokes.
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OK, that was freaky.

There were early morning before-school reruns of so many 1950s shows in my town well into the early 1980s, like The Mickey Mouse Club, Fury, Lassie, Topper, and Howdy Doody. Howdy Doody was OK. But Howdy Doody wasn't as funny as Topper (and Bob Smith wasn't as good-looking as Robert Sterling)! Anyway, I can only imagine the sobs of kids across the nation, almost a decade before I was born, when they saw this.

Which totally explains to me why Bob Smith was playing The Fillmore East. Even though it's a bit freaky.
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I guess I could have done without him making jokes using the word "fag" and "sissy", too. (Just listened to the whole thing. It seemed like he was pandering the whole time. "Please like me again!")
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