What The Fuck Was That?
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Just in time for Halloween, the original 2003 Toronto production of Evil Dead: The Musical is online, in a glorious multi-cam VHS YouTube transcription. You can Do The Necromonicon and doubt your holiday weekend companions while singing out a strong broadway melody, and do it all without having to get stage blood on your outfit.
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Awesome, thank you. At last year's Worldcon, Seanan McGuire urged everyone at the zombie panel to seek this out, but I couldn't find it online at the time.
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Saw the show at the Diesel Theatre (just before it closed) with no expectations at all. Basically walked in off the street, bought tickets, sat down, got sprayed with blood and laughed my ass off!
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I saw this last October in Philly with the original Toronto Ash (Ryan Ward) reprising his role. He is really amazing and yes, this is a wonderfully funny, playful show that I recommend to those who are fans of horror and comedy.
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There's a place in a little town called Drumright that puts this on every year, so my brother and I go every year. It is SO MUCH FUN and if you get a chance to see the show anywhere at any time you should take it.
Also so very very wet and cold. We wised up after the second year and brought stuff to change into after the show to go through the attached haunted forest.
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I clicked to a random place in the vid and watched about two minutes organized toward the "comedy" of one character saying "you dumb bitch" to another, and then, presently, saying it again. I am a big fan of e.g. Rocky Horror style ironic abrasiveness (and also the Evil Dead!), so, I dunno, I hope it was an unrepresentative sample...
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"Just in time" sums up my weird cosmic connection to Metafilter, because just last week, I started my new job managing a small black box community theater under a socialist grocery store in an old planned city of art deco cooperation that so irked senator Joe McCarthy that he tried to stab it to death with a highway, and my first assigned project as general manager of the place is to redesign the sound system for the theater to accommodate a production of Evil Dead: The Musical. I'll take this timely FPP as a sign that the mefi gestalt is bestowing a psychedelic blessing on my newest undertaking.

I'm not a particular fan of Troma or zombies, but it sounds like a fun thing and I'm glad to have this video so I can get an idea of what I'm working on.

We should have a DC-area mefi meet-up in conjunction with the show, which is coming next March.
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Nice! I saw the 2007 run in TO at the Diesel, got splatterzone tickets, and saw last year's run around Halloween at the Randolph. Plus George Reinblatt, one of the writers, is a friend! (Well we were both highland dancers in the same pipe band at non-overlapping times, but we've hung out and gotten drunk many times)

It's playing again for a few days starting on Halloween and I am strongly tempted to go, again.

And batfish, that is pretty unrepresentative, yeah - I usually skip over it cringing on my re-listens. At least on the OCR, it's part of a 30-second song bookended by a song called "Cabin in the Woods", the basic plot-extolling "here's what's about to happen" musical device, and "Housewares Employee", a love ballad about how a housewares employee managed to land the perfect girl, and, vice-versa, how the perfect girl went for a housewares employee. Try this song, maybe? Do the Necronomicon.
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