"Donkey Kong Variations"
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I feel like there's a missed opportunity here to call it M.U.L.E. Variations and have the first track kick off with that game's distinctive synthesized drumbeat. Sounds good anyway, though.
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WH47'5_H3_8U1LD1NG_1N_7H3R3 has to be one of the best Tom Waits covers ever recorded. CH0C0L473_J35U5 didn't quite make the transition, but 3Y384LL_K1D is pretty amazing.
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I was not expecting to like that as much as I did.
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H0LD_0N just completely made my morning completely awesome!
Eight hours of work will just fly by and he week end is going to be fantastic, thanks to Alonzo
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Resident self-styled chiptune authority checking in to say this is not bad at all, actually pretty impressive, and I'd never heard of Buddy Peace before! I'm a jaded asshole so I went into it expecting the usual "run a MIDI file through GXSCC and call it 8-bit -> MAXIMUM NOSTALGIA" thing that usually makes the rounds, and is actually well-constructed technically. Not a single Super Mario coin SFX in earshot. Thanks for posting this, gonna check out more of Mr. Peace's work!

My favorite popular music chiptune cover album remains Pretty Eight Machine by Inverse Phase, so head over there too if you want more incredibly detailed and legit chip covers of legendary albums!
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"run a MIDI file through GXSCC and call it 8-bit -> MAXIMUM NOSTALGIA"


But yeah, these are better than that... but not as good as Pretty Eight Machine. Thanks for turning me on to that.
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I admit to being spoiled by Boston's Museum of Science lightning show - I want all these songs to be played on Van de Graaff generator and Tesla Coil.
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