Adorable Animal Family Portraits
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Animals (especially wild animals) don't have the vanity or the discipline to pose for organized family photos, but wildlife photographers will still do their best to capture photos that look like they could be corny family holiday post-cards.
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A great blog, thank you!
posted by turbid dahlia at 7:43 PM on October 13, 2014

Do wolf puppies naturally look like stuffed animals?
posted by Uppity Pigeon #2 at 7:48 PM on October 13, 2014

OK, those German Shepherds were obviously posed.

Note- does not affect the cuteness of those or any other animals pictured. Missing the squeeeee tag.
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How they snuggling?
posted by Joe in Australia at 8:07 PM on October 13, 2014

The chicks sheltering under their parent's wings were entirely too cute.
posted by Harald74 at 1:06 AM on October 14, 2014

Is that squirrel about to eat the baby?
posted by Dip Flash at 5:33 AM on October 14, 2014

They are really cute! I'll throw in this one I took in Kathmandu into the mix.
posted by drugstorefrog at 10:18 AM on October 15, 2014

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