Aardappel's tiny game engine
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Aardappel's tiny game engine Cube is a tiny game engine (8 Mb) hosting a singleplayer/multiplayer first person shooter game.
Note well: the engine is still in beta stages, and also VERY different from any fps engine you have seen before. Failure to read the documentation in its entirety may cause you to:
  • miss out on the cool features.
  • run it in an unoptimal way for your system.
  • conclude it "sucks" prematurely.
Coolest feature: the ability to "edit" the world, to add or remove architectural features and power-ups, on the fly, in the middle of a multi-player game.
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Wow, very cool technology. In game level editing is something I have been begging for. I stop paying attention to the indy game scene for a while and then start missing stuff. I haven't played with an engine since the Q3 SDK came out.
posted by McBain at 11:59 PM on January 31, 2002

"all flavours of 3dfx cards have reported problems"

Darn. Oh well, I'll bookmark it and check it out whenever I upgrade my card or they fix some of the problems. Interesting idea.
posted by lucien at 5:58 AM on February 1, 2002

FWIW, I spent about 10 miniutes with it using my old Voodoo3000 and had no problems (that I saw anyway). From the forum it seems that many problems are driver related.

The engine doesn't yet support floors on top of floors (Doom style) so your grand architectural visions might have to wait. It is decently fast on my middle aged Athlon 700 with the above mentioned V3 card. The in game editing did look very nice from the brief moments I spent with it. The game world is based on little cubes that get textured, I was able to glance at the keyboard shortcuts and copy and paste cubes all over the place. Monsters don't look so good, but from the development forums it appears that they are working on that.

Promising engine, especially if they can maintain the performance as features are added. I didn't see mention of licensing, with Quake 1 & 2 under the GPL they will see competition for this sort of community game thing. But with community content created so easily, they just might have something special for lots more of us.
posted by mutagen at 9:08 AM on February 1, 2002

Wouter Von Oortmerson (Aardappel) is also a programming language expert. I used to program in his excelent language Amiga E (sadly never ported anywhere).
posted by davidgentle at 11:06 PM on February 1, 2002

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