Comics from Flynn Gleason: Zombie Apawcalypse and George and his Pencil
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If you're looking for a zombie webcomics with a bit of gore and a lot of kitties, you may enjoy Flynn Gleason's Zombie Apawcalypse. Flynn's work may be vaguely familiar to you if you remember a Calvin and Hobbes type comic from the mid- to late-1990s, called George and his Pencil, with archived comics still in their rough pencil-drawn form.

Flynn is on twitter, and he also makes music under then name Particle Junkie (Soundcloud; MySpace).
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I looked up George and his Pencil in a fit of nostalgia, remembering that it had disappeared from the internet for a while, and I was surprised to find it had its own website now. I was also surprised to see that Flynn hadn't done anything to those old comics I remember reading in high school, when the comics were new and the goths vs skaters rivalry seemed so much more relevant.

Zombie Apawcalypse is cute, in a gory sort of way.
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