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Top hat at the cleaners? Opera glasses broke? Lost your box? Watch The Metropolitan Opera, the Bavarian State Opera (Deutsch, English) Vienna State Opera, or concerts from the Berlin Philharmonic and a variety of options from medici.tv and The Young Vic, The Globe, The Royal Opera House, The Royal Shakespeare Company, and more.

Many of these are subscription of pay-as-you-go, as outlined in An Opera Lover Tests Streaming Services.

Free options include WFMT's online broadcast, Saturdays at noon, EST. Also, La Monnaie's 2014 season, that Bavarian State Opera's 2014 season, the IU Jacobs School of Music, PBS's Great Performances.

A large list of opera on internet radio collected here by operacast
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Wow...there really is some great stuff on that medici.tv channel. Thanks for this o man of twists and turns.
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I'm very intrigued by the Digital Theatre link: sometimes I see that plays will be simulcast in movie theaters, but never in a theater near me.

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Oh, and I was going to moan about Classic Arts Showcase (AKA "Smorgasbord of Arts") being unavailable on my cable lineup, but it looks like they stream live on the internet 24/7 now! Huzzah!
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Here's the Met Opera's general "broadcast" page, which links to various formats and venues for experiencing the Met's performances. If nothing else, there are plenty of stations broadcasting (and streaming) the Saturday Matinees for free.

5+ years ago there were a few stations streaming decently high quality (192kbps at least, I think), which I scrambled to find when our college radio station couldn't connect to their satellite network, and I didn't want to piss off the opera fans by not broadcasting the Met. I'm sure you can get some great streams now, but the station list doesn't tell you if the station also streams, or at what quality.
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I'm not much for opera, but "my top hat is at the cleaners" is going to be my go-to excuse for not attending social functions from now on.
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Oh thank you!
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I feel like I've been waiting for this post since I got high speed internet at home. I wish I had anything to add to it, but I've never found much. Thanks!
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Thanks so much to introducing me (indirectly) to Medici.tv .
A great post!
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Funny. We're streaming IU's La Bohème right now in Sydney. Thanks for the other resources.
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