"Would the cook were of my mind!" ~ William Shakespeare
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Cooking the Books
"Cooking the Books is an internet cooking show hosted by Emily Gould in which she invites famous authors into her kitchen to make food inspired by their books."
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Episode 15 with Tao Lin is the best (weirdest) one - the awkward discussion is great but, if you must, skip to the recipe segment at around 6:00 to see a really really gross way of making a salad.
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waiting eagerly for Brian Jacques.
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How do I become best budz with Julie Klausner?
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It's a shame J.G. Ballard isn't still alive.
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She should've invited Kathleen Hale. Two stalkers, one episode!
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Your post reminded me of this book: Books That Cook: The Making of a Literary Meal, from NYU Press:

Organized like a cookbook, this is a collection of American literature written on the theme of food: from an invocation to a final toast, from starters to desserts...Each section offers a delectable assortment of poetry, prose, and essays, and the selections all include at least one tempting recipe to entice readers to cook this book.

Includes writing from Maya Angelou, James Beard, Alice B. Toklas, Sherman Alexie, Nora Ephron, M.F.K. Fisher, and Alice Waters, among many others.

OK, ok so I haven't read it yet. It's on the list!
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Regrettable foodies.
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I was going to make a joke about having Thomas Harris come on (though he is notoriously reclusive and hasn't done an interview or anything in decades)... Then remembered that there's basically an entire TV show dedicated to making food based on his books.
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