music video: The Tropics, "Fireproof"
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"Fireproof" is the new music video from San Francisco pop group The Tropics. It features an enjoyable, upbeat, punchy song with a vibrant vocal from lead vocalist Claire George. Lighthearted, smile-inducing bonus: The video is also a spirited, shot-by-shot homage to the video for Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch's 1991 hit "Good Vibrations".
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Oh, man, was 1991 a terrible year for music. Though apparently dudes dancing in formation in silhouette in an abandoned warehouse is something that works in any era.
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Obligatory side by side comparison. I like how The Tropics took out the beefcake sexytimes although I kinda wish they had kept the sped-up driving footage toward a local landmark.

Oh Marky Mark. Thanks for Good Vibrations and The Big Hit.
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I kinda wish they'd left in the beefcake sexytimes but gender swapped.

Also, I know these cats! Fun to see them on the blue. Every show I've been to they've made everybody really move.
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oh hey, siouxsie. nice.
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The last music video they made: "Sons & Daughters" won a 48 hour Music Video Race.
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1991 was a terrible year for music? I'll disagree, because: Nevermind, Loveless, Blood Sugar Sex Magik, Metallica, Spiderland, Screamadelica, The Low End Theory, Use Your Illusion, Pretty on the Inside, Gish, Trompe le Monde, Perspex Island, Bandwagonesque, Step in the Arena, The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld, Flyin' the Flannel, De La Soul Is Dead, Mighty Like a Rose, Luck of the Draw, Of the Heart, of the Soul and of the Cross, Mr. Bungle, Still Feel Gone, Badmotorfinger, Girlfriend, Weld, Achtung Baby. /OCD
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Not to mention Blue Lines and Slanted & Enchanted.
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Tasty neo-80s late New Wave with multiple hooks and a beat you can dance to. 8/10.

Kids these days, they're alright.
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This was pretty fun.
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