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When I was younger, I'd sometimes look at fashion magazines, but more often than not, I'd just be confused, and sometimes not even sure what I was supposed to be looking at. And I just really wanted someone to clearly tell me what the rules are. What do I wear to school or to work to achieve whatever my social goals were at the time? Most of the time, I would just be looking for some kind of guidelines to avoid sending unintentional messages, or to be taken seriously or something.

But I did get street fashion, the kinds of things real life people with their own bodies and budgets and constraints came up with. But mostly because they have real personalities and preferences and aren't just shilling some generic corporate fashion. This stuff is cool and it's fun and it's actually useful, and that makes sense.
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Yeah. It's one thing to look at fashion stuff where the message is all "There are seventy billion secret rules and you are probably breaking sixty billion of them." It's another thing when the message is "HOLY SHIT ISN'T IS GREAT HAVING OPTIONS?"
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Nobody else is just "meh" on this? There are lots of fashion bloggers out there of every stripe. I guess I don't understand what makes these people particularly noteworthy.
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Great style is... you know it when you see it, and I definitely see it with Lydia. She is fantastic. Thanks.
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Kinda wish Chelsea used a stronger font. But all three seem like folks I'd love to hang with. Nobody "owns" style, and it's refreshing to see it through fresh eyes.
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