February 1, 2002
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MacArthur "genius" grant winner Samuel "Sambo" Mockbee didn't make it to 2002. His Rural Studio built beautiful, amazing houses for poor people.
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To clarify: He died at 57.

Thanks for the link, Theora... would've never remembered this guy from his fast-company writeup. Please link more clearly in your FPP, though!
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The Smithsonian magazine did a story on the Rural Studio last year. Those houses blew me away. So creative.
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Aw, damn. I didn't know he'd died. I really love his work.

Thanks for the link.
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ok, so if one small studio was able to do so much for the poor, what excuse does the rest of them have?

haha. specialk said FPP. :P
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This is the link to The Rural Studio's main page. They have great pictures of all of their projects and more about Sambo. They reran a great Nightline special about him after he died. What a loss.

His philospohy was to build only for the very poor and the very rich. The rich funded the poor. A subversive after my own heart.
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He got a great write-up in the Oxford American, if you can find a copy at a newsstand near you.

A friend hipped me to an article from Architectural Record about him.
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Oh, d'oh! I didn't see the ArchRecord link up top. Well, try this ABC News feature instead.
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i remember reading this salon interview with him last year. really inspiring! but like i guess with any great archichitect he leaves behind a lasting legacy :)
What are you doing with the MacArthur grant?

We're underwriting what's called the Subrosa Pantheon. In the last couple of years, several younger members of our [Auburn University] faculty have passed away, and this is a memorial to them. It looks almost like a little tornado shelter, but with roses growing on top and a fountain outside. Other than that, I'm just sort of holding my money, but I hope that perhaps next year I'll be able to take a sabbatical for some serious painting. It would really recharge my batteries.
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