Through the Eyes of a Monster, tales from a different vantage point
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About 40 years ago, Edward D. Wood, Jr. published a number of short stories in "girly" mags (cover images likely NSFW), but those stories haven't been republished, until now. Blood Splatters Quickly collects 32 stories from Ed Wood, and you can read The Day The Mummy Returned on Boing Boing. If you like tales told by the monsters, io9 collected more of such stories, videos, and video games, and there's a related AskMe post, looking for stories where humans are the monsters, many of which can be read online, as linked below the break.

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This is fantastic news! Wood's novels are insanely trashy, but fun, and there are far too few of them still around. I'm sure this collection of his short fiction will be hugely entertaining as well.
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Ed Wood Wiki page
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Someone should use "Captain Fellatio Hornblower" as their MeFi handle.
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A book from a vampire's point of view? Sign me up!
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I think my first encounter with "humans are the monsters" was Nightbreed, which, for all its flaws, I still like quite a lot.

I may have read Lovecraft's "The Outsider" before then, but that's less "humans are monsters" than "monsters are people, too."
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I Am Legend - the good one, the book, aka why all you have to say is "Matheson".
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Frankenstein has some of this, the "monster" more considerate than his creator. Jump to chapter 10 to hear Victor's monster bemoan his lot in life.
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