Mayberry, Metropolis and Rigel VII
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It was called a number of things in its fifty years of existence, but the RKO Forty Acres (which actually measured just over twenty-eight) was above all a prolific movie and television studio located in Culver City, California. It started off as a film studio during the silent era that continued prominent use in sound films including Gone With The Wind, The Magnificent Ambersons and King Kong. Later, it was widely used for television shows like Bonanza, The Adventures of Superman and, most prominently, The Andy Griffith Show. It even got used in a number of classic Star Trek episodes (and be sure to visit this site for some nice screen caps revealing Enterprise crew members walking around Mayberry). The RetroWeb has a very thorough history of the studio, complete with prodigious pictures.
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Opie's a grup now.
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Is it good or bad that while I had no idea what Mayberry looked like, I knew exactly what happened in that TOS episode as soon as I saw the set?

Oh star trek, so close to home, yet so far away...
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so close to home, yet so far away

Just a quick trip around the Sun under warp and you could be there!
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Reminds me of that Star Trek/Mayberry crossover episode. The Spock-Fife mindmeld scene was powerful.
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where is Mount Pilot?
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I live not far from there, and it was a real headtrip the first time I find out about this studio. It looks so absolutely ordinary there now, just an industrial park surrounded by residential streets and Del Tacos and such. You would never, ever guess the glories beneath your feet.

Whenever awful people start getting snotty about how much they hate LA, I just say, "Oh, yeah? Well, I live a few blocks from SKULL ISLAND." Then I drop the mic.
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I feel like I've seen more episodes of Andy Griffith than I would have liked but I thought it took place exclusively between andy's home and work. I didn't even know there was a whole big town set. Next you're going to tell me there's shots of New Rochelle in Dick Van Dyke.
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The Star Trek in Mayberry images make me feel like I want to jump in there and do some Dishonored style gameplay...
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Judging from this photo, they apparently did not totally re-dress the Mayberry street set for "Star Trek." I love the idea of James T. Kirk and the future Alexis Carrington going into Floyd's Barber Shop and interacting with the proprietor.
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I love these kinds of posts.
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