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Pipino, the real-life gentleman thief. Pipino had a simple philosophy: Aristocrats liked to flaunt their wealth; thieves liked to take it. Sometimes the burglar took something important and aristocrats would pay to get the item back. Pipino had heard that some palazzo owners took it as a badge of honor that he had slipped through their windows because it confirmed their good taste.
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I would believe almost anything about Venice.
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That was a pretty incredible story, I read the pull quote and thought it was going to be something set in the 17th century or something.
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Hell of a read! Thanks for posting!
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Seriously could not stop reading once I started. And, like Another Fine Product, I was stunned to discover that the capers described happened in the 1990s, not the 1690s.
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Epic Magazine has changed since my youth.
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also, what a delightful layout. if this is the longterm downstream effect of "Snowfall," can I say EFF YES.
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Fascinating, thanks for posting!
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Short, short story:
They always take the good stuff, they never bother with that crap you're saving.
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Venice is actually hardcore weird.
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"He often spent his days pouring over fragile manuscripts, learning about the lives of the Venetian aristocracy and the art they commissioned for their palazzos."

aw, dang. copyeditor THEN designer, please!
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This sounds like it's out of a movie. Or the Italian version of "Catch Me If You Can." Though him finally going to jail for drugs is a bit sad. Also, what was with the bribery scandal?!
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