Sometimes when I'm with [the boys], I feel like I'm not a girl.
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The Afghan Women's National Cycling Team trains six mornings a week in the quiet predawn streets of Kabul to futher their dream of one day qualifying for and participating in the Olympics. "In a country where girls have faced acid attacks just for going to school, the dangers of doing sport in public go beyond insults or the momentary impact of a well-aimed stone."

Mountain2Mountain is a human rights organization based in Colorado, USA that is behind securing much of the equipment and funding for these women. For much, much more behind this project, check out @Mtn2Mtn on Twitter. Afghani women in sport: previously, previously.
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This is great. Thanks for posting.
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I hope others who are able and so inclined can support this--what a concrete and visible means of giving substance to something that we all to often just talk about. I had no sense this post was soliciting a donation but it certainly motivated me to take action. But I wish they took PayPal because now I have to get up and find my wallet. Thanks for posting
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Inspiring, but more than that, courageous! These women *are* risking their lives, every time they go out on those bikes. Slowly, things will get better for women in these cultures. Saudi Arabia recently eased up on the right of women to ride a bike. Ride well, young women, and godspeed!
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I think that these girls are not merely pioneers for sport in their region but a great hope for the national team is that they can do something to culturally normalize the concept of women riding bikes in this region, because greater acceptance of women on bikes can only help to further progress in women's access to transportation, mobility, employment, healthcare and education.
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And for once, the comments on a Guardian article addressing feminism do not make me want to slit my wrists...
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thanks rmhsinc, that was not my intent, but I appreciate your motivations.
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It looks like you can donate to Mountain2Mountain here and if there isn't a way to add a note that it goes towards the Afghani program, maybe an email would work?

This really is great. I look forward to seeing them compete in 2016 (or hopefully before too long, anyway!)
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