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Easy anonymous email I thought I'd post this since many anonymous remailers no longer exist. In this age of anti-terrorism I don't know how long it will exist.
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How is this different from getting an anonymous email account at hotmail or yahoo, besides costing $2.95?
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Hotmail and Yahoo both include the IP address of the sender as one of the headers in the mail, as do many free e-mail providers. I'm guessing that this new anonymous mail company doesn't do that.
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I use a few different anonymous mailers--one is a paid for one--and I find that some come and go...to check what is sent along with the message I send a message to my favorite person: myself. And then can see what another might get if sent by me.
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you know what? they still can't hide from good ol spam cop. i've had annonymous emails and such. actually, i've been fighting a stalker problem now for going on 2 months. but they can't hide their ips from that place when they email me threats or other forms of harrassment.
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If you are *really* concerned with sending something anonymously, a service like this will not cut it. Their server records are easily subpoena-able, not to mention who knows how vulnerable their servers are to intrusion by other sources.

If real anonymity is important, look into a client for the mixmaster remailer system, which has all sorts of neat doohickeys to ensure a message is actually untraceable.
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isn't this just a front for the fbi/cia/nsa anyway? i offer no proof, mind you. but in matters of security, you have to be careful who you trust.
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Drat, our cover's been blown. Cursed mefi users!
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I think this can be mis-used with serious consequences. As shown by some STUPID A$$ punk boy in Islamabad who made a prank call to the US Consulate in Karachi demanding $2 Million for Pearl. Later on, they detained two boys who had sent e-mails to the same account. I dunno if one of the boys was the same caller.
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I've always thought that an account with a standard webmail service like Yahoo or Hotmail that you only access through an anonymizing proxy would be pretty hard to trace, especially if you know for certain that you've got a proxy that doesn't keep logs.
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wow. spamcop always got the "unknownsender@unknowndomain.com" that's been plagueing me at my aol inboxes. i just figured that was one of the many annonymous email services out there.
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You think something like this is really great until a well-known net.kook gets into a feud with you and starts sending e-mails through remailers that say "I have evidence that {so-and-so} is a pedophile."

I had a run-in with the same net.kook, although fortunately I wasn't around for the time {so-and-so} started getting harrassed by him. Mine was all in public, but almost as vile.
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a well-known net.kook gets into a feud with you and starts sending e-mails through remailers that say "I have evidence that {so-and-so} is a pedophile."

I was just wondering whether anyone else received the same pornspam I did the other day; apparently it originated from a .ru domain, but it's ostensibly from Veronica in a town in Maine--offering free phone sex, kidporn for sale and solicting sex from boys and girls under 12 in particular. It gives her street address and two phone numbers to call as well as an email.
My hunch is somebody's trying to make things unpleasant for this woman. Maybe it's a rejected suitor or a bitter rival, or maybe she's a teacher targeted by some little creep she sent to detention. I'm just guessing, but to me it smacks of scribbling a woman's phone number on a bathroom wall.
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