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So wait, there's a band with Jim Jarmusch on keys and a bunch of experimental Horror film directors that released a record in the early 80s of spooky surf-funk and you're NOT listening to it today? Get on it y'all. It's the story of The Del-Byzanteens. posted by Potomac Avenue (8 comments total) 18 users marked this as a favorite
Neat-0. Thanks.
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yeah.. known about the album for a few years, and why I AM NOT LISTENING TO IT RIGHT NOW? Is I have been perennially frustrated there hasn't been a re-release of it... so uh thanks for frustrating me again, as I thought the post may have heralded said release.

Oh well.

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Good lord, I bought a copy of the "Draft Riot" single back when it came out and enjoyed it and I haven't thought of it or the band in thirty years and now I'm listening to the song again. I don't know what happened....
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Holy shit, thank you for hipping me to this. I've never heard of this band, but those tracks were good enough to get me to order a copy of their LP. I LOVE No-Wave but it's pretty hard to track down all the various one-off bands that were making it. If you've got any more recommendations please let me know!

Thank you so much!
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Oh, thank you. I have some of their stuff on vinyl, and I still listen to them every now and again, but it sometimes seems like I was the only person who liked or even remembered them at all.

This is my personal favorite. And it's got John Lurie, the coolest man alive, in it.
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Wow, this takes me waaay back. I remember probably marijuana fueled bull sessions where I thought this will be my personal motto b/c it, like represented, reality of something or another.

Thanks for this.
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