"The way they control human beings, like cattle."
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"If you don't know your own value, somebody will tell you your value, and it'll be less than you're worth." In a brutal and unforgiving vocation, forty-nine year old Bernard Hopkins is the oldest fighter in the history of professional boxing to win and defend a world title. Hopkins has developed his own particular worldview over the course of a rough life and he doesn't mind sharing some of his opinions, one of which, as Carlo Rotella notes, is "He's not shy about pointing out that both private and public interests invest heavily in the social failure of black men." Why has Hopkins lasted over twenty-five years in his fight career and what do his opponents in the ring fear most? It's his mind. (NYT)
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That NYT article is amazing. Thank you so much for bringing this here. "figuring out what the other guy wants to do and not letting him do it is a matter of policy for Hopkins"
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One of the best written pieces about a boxer that I've read, ever.
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Thanks for pulling this out.. Great story.
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I can't agree more with the first sentence of this post. Off to read the article now.
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NYT piece is a fantastic story. What an amazing guy.
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For my money the best fighter of his generation. His destruction of Felix Trinidad was a thing of beauty. For his mind's sake I wish he had retired long ago, but he's his own man, that we know.
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