The Power of Fashion
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The "Women Fashion Power" Exhibit at the Design Museum in London has reignited the discussion regarding fashion as a symbol of power among women.

The editorial from The New York Times is highly reminiscent of Harper's Bazaar's "Michelle Obama and the New Power Dressing" piece from 2011.
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Interesting! I'm not sure if I 100% agree with the author that going from 'we can't be involved with this' to 'no time' is an improvement in terms of public women and their use of fashion ('manipulation' is the better word barring the negative connotations, which I don't intend).

It is great, though, to see fashion moving ever so slightly from feminine and frivolous to leaning-feminine-but-doesn't-have-to-be and worthy of analysis.
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This reminds me of the excellent Madeleine Albright and her pin-tastic take on diplomatic fashion. The focus on power women outside of politics is really interesting; thanks!
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