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Hairdresser Janet Stephens recreates historic hairstyles, such as those worn by vestal virgins and Queen Cleopatra.
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Ah, Seni Crines, we meet again! Previously, also about Stephens's wonderful and offbeat forensic hairdressing.
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Needs more images!
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She's so great! She did a presentation for an organization I volunteered with, and she was just fantastic and full of really excellent ideas and enthusiasm. So many museum visitors left with empress hairstyles!
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After the last thread on her, I attempted a few of the hairdos she shows that work on women with mid-length hair, and they have been big hits. This classical Greek hairdo is easy to do with modern elastic around-the-head headbands and/or decorative scarves and I got a lot of comments on how attractive it was.
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Sewn in braids are a thing for sure, people still do them on horses and I've seen in braids in my own hair with yarn before to make an up do stay tidy (damn curls). I use a crochet hook thing and yarn though, not a needle and thread.
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In 2005, she had a breakthrough. Studying translations of Roman literature, Ms. Stephens says, she realized the Latin term "acus" was probably being misunderstood in the context of hairdressing. Acus has several meanings including a "single-prong hairpin" or "needle and thread," she says. Translators generally went with "hairpin."
He showed it to an expert, who found the needle-and-thread theory "entirely original," says Mr. Humphrey, whose own scholarly work has examined arenas for Roman chariot racing.
Kinda sounds like someone should just give her a master's - or at least a bachelor's - degree right there and then.
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Sewn in braids are a thing for sure, people still do them on horses

Also on people. Like, a lot.
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Do they still sew in braids on people? I only had one friend who did it and she's gone to some glue stuff instead. Years ago she sewed in a French Twist like braided thing in my hair for a dance and it was the best hairdo I've ever had. My hair scoffs at clips, pins and other confinement. I wish I could find someone who would do updos for me when I need to look grown-up
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