"A sure sign of a good book is that you like it more the older you get."
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First editions, second thoughts: [New York Times] "On December 2, Christie's will auction 75 first-edition books, each of which is a unique object that has been annotated with words and/or illustrations by its author. Proceeds from the auction will benefit PEN American Center."
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Nice! Some of these books are expensive in first edition without any further inscriptions. This is a nice collection and the beneficiary is a worthy one.
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I used to get irritated by the festishization of 1st editions when I worked as a bookseller, but association copies were usually exciting to find, and interesting.

I handled most of the pre-2000 ones here at one time or another when I was a buyer, and this brought back memories of getting first crack at a fantastic poetry library in the early 90s that included Rita Dove's Ten Poems and many other rare 70s / early 80s small press titles.
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"A sure sign of a good book is that you like it more the older you get." I think the reverse is true as well for I surely have problems with Atlas Shrugged today that I didn't when I was 14.
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PEN America's auction website has more on all the books including translations when the text is in another language than English, for instance in the case of Orhan Pamuk's Snow.
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Thanks, both Fizz and Kattullus. I really love all these annotations made by the authors, could pore over them all day.
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An even better link Kattullus, thanks for sharing.
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