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Slavik's Street Style - over a 2-year period, Ukrainian photographer Yurko Dyachyshyn took dozens of portraits chronicling the remarkable daily stylings of a 55-year-old homeless man living in the city of Lviv.
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Natty. An Eastern European sapeur.
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Somehow this made me think of the Rabbit In Your Headlights video. (And whoa, Dj Shadow's version of the video has mattresses on the cars.)
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This is splendid, he looks awesome. Also, it's clear he's participating in and enjoying the project, which makes it enjoyable to view rather than creepy/exploitative, which is great.
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According to the followup project (NSFW probably), he disappeared from view in 2013.
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This is cool, though it's worth looking at the project on the photographer's own website, which has a little bit of information about Slavik (as well as lots more outfits).
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I love the variety of clothes both in style and size. This guy obviously enjoyed expressing himself through clothes. He also is a great subject.

Thanks for sharing!
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Love the sweatshirt hoodie without a zipper. This man knows how to rock garbage!
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