Kaiju Big Battel
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Kaiju Big Battel - See bizarre wrestling matches between gigantic absurd monsters! Watch Tokyo-style monster movie erupt into real life performance-art lunacy! Shudder as Hell Monkey plucks the wings off American Beetle, while Club Sandwich liquefies Kung-fu Chicken Soup!
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Bad grammar has never tasted so good!

After suffocation of Dino Kang what can Dr. Cube do? He must the experiments to fabrication of evil replacements. Having the cute utensil at disposal, also minions to work less than minimum wage.-Dino Kang Jr.
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Dino Jang Jr.
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Where were these people when I was trying to decide on a career? These cats are sick.

It's Ultimate Fighting for Kids. Put me down for some Extra Spicy Danger, Doctor Cube Style!
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The way I heard it from an SMFA student, Kaiju Big Battel is a result of an old rivalry between the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and the Rhode Island School of Design. It all started as a costume contest, and slowly evolved into professional wrestling.
I went to one of these shows, it was amazing. Loud bad music (including Hellmonkey's melodic rendition of "Cum on Feel the Noize"), people throwing bananas and candy, and of course the main event. WWF on crack :) They even set up little buildings in the ring for the monsters to stomp on.
But it's gotten so popular that it's outgrown the venue (the SMFA is a relatively small building, especially for a show like this). The next time we tried to go, we got turned away because it was full, and the line extended far behind us, wrapping around the school.
Hoping that they join the ranks of other SMFA performance art groups like Blue Man Group, and start doing national tours in real venues :)

Long Live Dr. Cube!
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Kaiju Rocks!
I attended the Museum School for a year and a half, and Kaiju is certainly indicative of the kind of fun-loving madness that typifies the school. They seem to be getting pretty big. Last summer they played a show in New York, with DJ Spooky to head a dance party after the show. Apparently nearly everyone left immediately after Kaiju finished their romp. There's supposed to be some kind of talk with some executives from LA as a result. We'll see.

In the meantime, if you've not the opportunity to see Kaiju live, go pick up a video! They're awesome! My favourite is "Mayhem in the Atrium II," btw.
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