Everything not saved will be lost
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Here are some recent thoughts of mine: I am playing too much Destiny. Also, games might be an expression of the futility of the human condition.

"I've always loved Carl Sagan's way of expressing the meaningfulness of consciousness, and the miracle that we're all made from atoms forged in collapsing stars: "We are a way for the cosmos to know itself," he said. There's an honesty to this - Sagan said it knowing our individual lives are preposterously short and, cosmically speaking, mankind's is not likely to last much longer. But there was for him a value in this temporary knowing.

So I'll end by saying that the value of games - these games that mirror the journey of mankind - and the reason to give over the precious, limited time we have to them, is this: that games are a way for us to know ourselves."
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I only need 3 more motes and I can get my GSA.
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My personal cosmos was temporarily thrown into chaos when I misread one of the tags as "dentistry".
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I only need 3 more motes and I can get my GSA.

Holy Silifi of Crimson Flashbacks.
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I reached level 27. Then I was unable to play for a few days, because of logistics. But after a few days a way, I seriously question whether I need to get to level 28. Haven't managed to play since. But maybe the answer would be clearer if I were a 28.
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I have a level 28 character.

It isn't any clearer.
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I think the most damning thing I can say about Destiny is that despite referencing it pre-launch in two different posts, I ultimately didn't care enough about it after playing it to bother making a post about the game itself.

Maybe it gets better later in the game (I never made it past the cringeworthy cutscene in The Reef), but it felt utterly underwhelming.
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I just traded in my copy of Destiny for store credit.

And returned to my third replay of the Mass Effect series.

I need far less grind and far more story in my life. And save points. Many fucking save points.
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Destiny- the proof that we are all simulations being run inside a Vex mind.

Now if you'll excuse me I need to return to my Skinner's Hunter's Box
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(I never made it past the cringeworthy cutscene in The Reef)

The same cutscene finally drove me to twitter to complain about how dumb the campaign is. Sexy undead space queen and her goth brother.. how compelling.
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Progress? (NSFW) Counterpoint
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I've not played Destiny, but everything I've seen/read suggests I'd find it a very thin experience (and not at all be alone in that). And yet... That it can produce (induce?) a piece of writing as good as this... That's not nothing.
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