What is a Jeffree's? I'm not sure, but here's their newest music
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In 2011, Diplo's Mad Decent label spun off a web-focused sub-label, Jeffree's, focusing on trap, tropical bass, moombahton, and associated distorted club-type sounds. As label honcho Paul Devro explained, the plan was simple: collect what producers had already made, post a new single or EP every two weeks, at first for free, then offer it for sale. The freebie window is closed, but you can still stream the lot, and read about the twelve tracks below the break.

1. Tomsize & 8Er$ - "Bailar"
The compilation opens with an eerie, trap banger brought to you by Tomsize & 8Er$. Parisian producer Tomsize, who has been dubbed a pioneer of futuristic trap in France, has combined forces with fellow Unborn Records alumni 8Er$ to deliver the Spanish-flared “Bailar”. Harnessing each other’s genre expertise, “Bailar” does anything but take up camp with the norm. With it’s dark, foreboding atmosphere, listeners will have nothing to say other than ‘muchas gracias’ and adios as you dive into the melodic depths of “Bailar”.
2. Ape Drums - "Overload (feat. Gappy Ranks)"
Houston-native Ape Drums is the crowned king when it comes to blending dancehall and big room beats into masterful anthems. He’s received support from the likes of Dillon Francis, Kill The Noise, Major Lazer and many more, starting off strong with his first single “Worl’ Boss” that featured dancehall legend Vybz Kartel. Peering into the future of his self-made twist on these two genres, “Overload” dives deep and drives our obsession even further.
3. C.Z. - "$STACK$ (VIP)"
Gear up for total bass annihilation. Never supplying anything less of brilliant, the C.Z./ICEBOI™ now brings us “$TACK$ (VIP),” the bossy, richboi anthem whose pounding synths will make the ‘VIP’ section seem destitute.
Orlando based-producer Big Makk rose up in the Moombahton scene, with a continuous flow of dope edits and originals on his ever-expanding Soundcloud channel. His local party “Shake n’ Bass” is among Florida’s best. A long-time coming, we’re stoked to be intro-ing Big Makk into the official Jeffree’s fam with the release of “BANDZ” on What Is A Jeffre?
5. Kyle Hughes & KANDY - "Abnormaäl"
New York Based DJ Duo KANDY and the youngest Jeffree of the bunch, Kyle Hughes, have teamed up to bring us their infectious new track “Abnormaäl” guaranteed to make you rage all the way to the dance floor. Although they are relatively new to the game, Kyle Hughes and Kandy have quickly established themselves as young producers to keep an eye on, already gaining support from tastemakers such as ETC!ETC, Astronomar, Wiwek and many others. 2015 will prove to be a standout year for these budding producers.
The next generation of bass music can be perfectly summed up by NYMZ and his dynamic, face-melting tracks. “BINGBONG” became a live set and mixtape staple over the summer, making it one of the hardest bangers to avoid each time you plugged in your headphones. While is was a sleeping hit then, we’re pumped to be bringing it officially to you at last on What Is A Jeffree? Also 1/2 of Milo & Otis, the Los Angeles-based producer is among the next wave of young artists pioneering a new frontier of party rocking destroyers.
7. Lady Bee - "Do It All Again (feat. Nina Sky)"
Throw your hands up people cause Lady Bee and Nina Sky are up in this “What Is A Jeffree?” compilation. Lady Bee returns to the Mad Decent scene with another crowd pleaser that combines house, bass, urban, and dub elements in conjunction with R&B duo Nina Sky’s tender vocals. Aided by an overload of girl power, “Do It All Again” provides a feminine, sexy and tough mix with balls, destined to blow out the speakers of any club.
8. Aquadrop - "Dega Dega"
Fly off on a tropical getaway with the Italian maestro himself! Straight from Milan, Aquadrop supplies us with “Dega Dega,” the newest future raga house banger. This jubilant club staple will have all attendees headin’ to the dj booth, beggin’ the dj to ‘ripeta, per favore’.
9. 813 - "Party Diving"
Meet 813! This DJ/producer out of Moscow, Russia has been known to deliver a crazy blend of sugar coated instrumental hip-hop along with all kinds of experimental beat-oriented electronic music. With his Jeffree’s debut this past spring, Russia’s futuristic beatsmith perfectly showcases just what makes 813 a unique rising talent. His latest single, “Party Diving,” serves as dynamic blend of electro trap beats with bubbly futuristic pop vocals create a strip club anthem for the year 3000.
10. G Buck - "Go Psycho"
Leave it up to Philly based producer G-Buck to quench audiences’ thirst for bass with his new single “Go Psycho,” a combination of bounce, trap, and DnB, so mental, it’ll make your head spin.
11. Ronaissance - "Static"
Hailing from New York City, 24 year old up and coming DJ/producer Ronaissance brings us the trance meets trap hybrid single “Static”. Combining elements from your favorite 80’s action movie soundtrack and the trance meets hip hop sound made famous by Flosstradamus, Ronaissance paints an epic landscape of post apocolyptic ravers dancing on the moon.
12. JSTJR & Happy Colors - "Tiripa"
Dominican DJ/producer Happy Colors joined forces with Boston beatsmith JSTJR (pronounced “gesture”) for a monstrous song that blends trap with an explosion of tropical machine gun drum fills. “Tiripa” defines what a Jeffree is, blending genre’s from all over the world into something entirely new and unique.
FYI, most of the artist links go to their Soundcloud pages, for hours of further listening.
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What is a Jeffree's?

It's what I take a hit from before I need my furry wall.
posted by ZenMasterThis at 1:03 AM on November 12, 2014

What is a Jeffree's?

I can show you, but don't tell my mom. She said it's rude.

But frealsies, speaking as someone whose life has been unwillingly inundated with this type of music lately, none of this seems particularly new, novel, or como se dice fresh. It's kind of like they're just throwing stale tracks out in the hope that quantity can overcome quality…

collect what producers had already made, post a new single or EP every two weeks, at first for free, then offer it for sale.

Oh, okay. Cool.
posted by johnnydummkopf at 4:59 AM on November 12, 2014

813 is superb. I was listening to some other Jeffree stuff the other day and it was... not very conducive to thinking coherently at work. Definitely some interesting stuff though.
posted by ropeladder at 5:11 AM on November 12, 2014

I'm pretty confident that the Harlem Shake was originally a Jeffrees track.
posted by sleeping bear at 6:43 AM on November 12, 2014

What is a Jeffree's?

Most people probably know them from their series of tubes.
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Well, looks like I've got this morning's soundtrack.
posted by bashos_frog at 9:41 AM on November 12, 2014

i gave it a quick listen when i got into work this morning. thought it was ok, but nothing special. now it's hometime, and i've realised i've had it on repeat all day.
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I'm pretty confident that the Harlem Shake was originally a Jeffrees track.

Yup, they have a few significant tracks to their credit, though Harlem Shake was probably their biggest to date.

thingonaspring, I felt the same way. I heard the first track a few weeks ago and was excited, but then kind of lost interest. I listened to the comp on repeat last night, and while it's full of the sorts of sounds I've heard in the last year or so, it's still a fun group of songs. And if you like any particular track, you can now easily see what other things they have on their Soundcloud pages.
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