"You're cozy and warm in your bed, my dear..."
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When Adam Mansbach's best selling book Go The Fuck to Sleep was narrated into an audiobook by Samuel L. Jackson, most people probably didn't expect it to become a catchy song.
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I couldn't find it anywhere in the archives, but... I see your Samuel L Jackson and raise you LeVar Burton reading it.

Also, a great book! I hear there will be a sequel. Something about eating dinner.
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Staying two weeks with grandtoddler BlueHorse who has... issues at bedtime. Good Night Moon isn't cutting it for me.

The best version is done by Morgan Freeman.
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When I worked in a book shop, there was a lot of furore from customers over the title, so much so that we had to remove the book from sale.
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The incomparable Noni Hazlehurst
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Here is another version of You Have to Fucking Eat, as read by Stephen Fry.
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