Yasir Arafat , in his own words: "The Palestinian Vision of Peace."
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Yasir Arafat , in his own words: "The Palestinian Vision of Peace." New York Times Op-ed contribution this weekend, in case it was missed (reg req)
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Same ole song and dance. . .
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Arafat and Enron share a lot.
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there was also this article in the nytimes about 102 army reservists who refuse to serve in israeli-occupied territories, signing a statement that: "The price of occupation is the loss of the Israel Defense Forces' semblance of humanity and the corruption of all of Israeli society... We will no longer fight beyond the Green Line with the aim of dominating, expelling, starving and humiliating an entire people." and ends with this quote: "Zionism is not occupation." (via blogdex, most fresh! :)
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Steven Den Beste posted a critique of this op/ed on Saturday. Also worth reading is William Safire's column in today's NYTimes, Sharon Enters Armistice Talks. I hadn't heard anything else about these meetings.
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One reason that many of us do not take Arafat with any seriousness is that he writes one thing for American papers and says other things to his Arab audience. Here, for example, a reference to what he is doing while talking peace...note that the story appears in German paper and not in American--I posted this at my site but then I don't want to be self-serving so no URL--

Offered cash incentive, fighters also fleeing to Gaza
U.S. and Israeli officials said that top al-Qaida operatives have also been spotted in Gaza during the past month, the New York Post reported on Saturday. The officials cautioned that the reports were "preliminary," saying that U.S. and Israeli intelligence analysts do not know whether al-Qaida plans to establish a base near Israel or whether the fighters are merely seeking asylum.

German newspaper Die Welt reported last week that Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat offered $5,000 to any al-Qaida fighter willing to move to the West Bank or Gaza Strip. Approximately 80 to 100 fighters who have accepted the offer are currently waiting at the Ein al-Hilwe refugee camp in Sidon until they can be smuggled into Palestinian-controlled territories, the report said.

Sources told the Post that the influx of al-Qaida members into Lebanon was the subject of a classified briefing given by Chief of Military Intelligence Maj.-Gen. Aharon Ze'evi (Farkash) to the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee
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whatever your opinions of arafat are....

i think it is safe to say sharon personally approved todays targeted killings - when will sharon renounce targeted killings with their "collateral" damage?
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This just in:

23:50 Organization of the Islamic Conference rejects charges by Bush that Iran and Iraq belong to `axis of evil` (Reuters)

(courtesy of Ha'aretz)
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when will sharon renounce targeted killings with their "collateral" damage?

When? Why should the SWAT team be called off when all the madmen still haven't been taken out? Also, see today's NYT for S. Rushdie piece
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