February 4, 2002
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I've got a pseudo machine. I know that we're all living in the world of truth, light and clarity these days, but as a bad casualty of one jargon-ridden film studies course in 1981-82, I loved this little program. Less wieldy than the old classic, the postmodern generator. Has anyone noticed that Chip from the Corrections is a classic of the type - "assistant professor of textual artefacts", indeed. Actually, here's a real life Professor of virtual culture. Cute too.
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The ubiquitous stupidity of traditional values will copyright all of our cyber feminism.

posted by swift at 9:29 AM on February 4, 2002

The inescapable decline of censorship will politicise all hope for business models.

Now ye cannae argue with that, laddie.
posted by theplayethic at 9:50 AM on February 4, 2002

It did not discuss the legal status of possession regarding the entirety of my base. I am uninterested.

(slightly) seriously, though. I'm reading Foucault right now. Foucault is guilty of jargon. A lot of it. This is how it is supposed to be. If you take away our jargon, we who spend (waste) time learning it will have our power stripped. This is not acceptable, as it might force us to get (shudder) jobs.

On behalf of jargon-speakers, I demand to be considered a priest-like class.
posted by apostasy at 10:11 AM on February 4, 2002

don't take the e-piss-teme, sunshine.
posted by theplayethic at 10:27 AM on February 4, 2002

Is this an anti-semitic statement or do I not understand?
"The conclusion of my open source book is for Judaism to be the first religion to retire."
posted by jacobw at 10:29 AM on February 4, 2002

Nope, doubt it. Actually, you want to know about Open Source Judaism?
posted by theplayethic at 10:37 AM on February 4, 2002

"The incredible decline of traditional values will improve post modern state capitalism."

Hmm. I think I'd have to duck and run from both left- and right-wingers with this one.

Actually, this sounds like a game the graduate students at the University of Chicago used to play. I once did a postcolonialist analysis of my friend's experience standing behind Homi Bhabha in the grocery store checkout line. No doubt the e-mail is still lurking out there, ready to come back to haunt me when I apply for that job at Harvard...
posted by thomas j wise at 11:14 AM on February 4, 2002

The unparalleled consumption of property rights will escalate all hope for digerati

I have the academic disease so it all makes sense to me, unfortunately. But thanks, theplayethic, for a deliciously well rounded, yet pointy-headed and juicy post!
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thomas: go maroons!
posted by zpousman at 12:38 PM on February 4, 2002

thomas: go maroons!

Themistocles, Thucydides, Peloponnesian War...
posted by thomas j wise at 1:09 PM on February 4, 2002

The haphazard downsizing of rampant paradigm shifts will copyright post modern hopes and dreams.

posted by walrus at 1:30 PM on February 4, 2002

When the conservatives discover the power of postmodernism, we're all doomed.
posted by yesster at 1:31 PM on February 4, 2002

The accelerating growth of property rights will put an end to post modern state capitalism.

Holy Paradox, Batman!
posted by jonmc at 5:40 PM on February 4, 2002

"When the conservatives discover the power of postmodernism, we're all doomed."

Ahh well, then at least I'll be able to kill two birds with one stone. Isn't it weird how political correctness has become politically incorrect?
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