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The world has been abuzz with news that the Rosetta spacecraft landed on a comet 500 million kilometres from Earth, in an attempt to collect vital data about the origins of our solar system. The aim is to benefit humanity. Unfortunately, this event is also marred for women in STEM and our allies due to the pervasive power of sexism. Rosetta Project scientist Matt Taylor chose to wear a shirt with semi-nude women, effectively telling the world and our next generation of STEM workers that sexism is still very much part of our professional culture.

By the way, this is not the first time he’s publicly worn this shirt. He tweeted that he received the shirt as a present in early October and none of his 2,700 followers on Twitter paid attention. Most worrying is that he is photographed in an office – which suggests he may have worn this shirt to work and none of his management nor colleagues pointed out the inappropriate attire. posted by joseph conrad is fully awesome (9 comments total)

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Yeah, seeing that shirt was a pretty big WTF moment for me. It's not just the shirt, but what you can deduce about the workplace culture that no one told him not to wear that to work much less on TV. :(
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There's an apology from Dr. Taylor on the Guardian site.
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It's a lame shirt, for sure, but are there not bigger things to get worked up about in the world today than this?
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I'm unclear how that shirt in the workplace hasn't already been declared a sexual harassment issue.
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He did, at least, apologize.
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Ah good, we're calling this out now!
When I watched the press conference live the other day I was so fucking dumbstruck that an adult would choose to wear that shirt in a professional capacity (or at all) that I didn't hear a word he was saying. I kept watching the woman interviewing him at the time for any signs of, you know, DISGUST, and to her professional credit, she showed no reaction to it. I do wish she'd have asked him about it though. UGH.
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Well, gamergators are outraged by the whole thing.
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honestly don't know which is dumber.
the shirt
or this controversy.
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Please don't do this here.
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