Based on a true story...sort of
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From Hell's Mouth, Herman Mellville's Moby Dick 2 stabs at thee! Featuring the dashing lead, an eye-watering seafood spread, some seagulls and the Wilheim Scream among a cast of thousands.
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On my phone I get some creepy app ripoff ad page, not anything that appears relevant.
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Ditto on iPad. Nothing to see here, moving along.
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It seems to come up okay for me on a computer, and it prompts me to use Flash. So maybe that's the problem with phone/iPad, the lack of Flash support?
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It's Flash; since it wasn't Friday, I forgot to mention it. Mobile browsers redirect to the website's app section without so much as a Howdy-do.

So, to recap: it's an old try at an old story, using an old programming platform for some old reason.
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I played this for a little while, and it's pretty fun! I decided I'd had enough when I couldn't beat wave 7 or so.

My initial intuition was to ram the boats with the boost to pop out tasty tasty sailors, but actually it turned out you need to twirl around and whack the with your tail to set them swaying like crazy and send sailors flying.
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