She A Go
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She A Go takes the Chicago footwork sound of the late DJ Rashad, and overlays it on a surreal collage from the bleak corporate archives of GettyImages' office life category.

Here's more Rashad. The Chicago Reader has some context about Rashad's legacy in the Footwork scene here.

Note: I'm bad with genres. Feel free to correct me if I've misrepresented the song.
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this is so upsetting
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rip rashad

juke is what reminds me i live in the future
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this is so upsetting

Yes, RIP Rashad!

Oh, the fact that people spent time making video footage of nonsensical events in some mythical spartan "office" setting for someone else to then use in a serious promotional effort, and not in a cheeky Veridian Dynamics type spoof. WHY WAS THAT MAN PUTTING A STETHESCOPE UP TO PEOPLE'S HEADS?
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This is marvelous! Makes me think of Ratatat's "Drugs". Thanks for sharing!
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buh wha...?

That was delightfully weird. The blonde woman was the best with her office-dance-party-instigating and manic happiness at having a stethoscope on her forehead. Stock photography/video is so bizarre sometimes.
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Rashad was great, and this is very silly, but really, when it comes to using horrifying effects on faces, nobody has yet topped Black Hole Sun.
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The soundtrack and the morphing effects weren't really necessary. Those generic office scenes are horrifying enough without them.
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I was unaware that Getty Images provided video, too. This is absolutely vital to some similarly snarky things I need to do. Thanks so much for the introduction!
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(And also for the background on footwork, rather than treating it as wallpaper for the video!)
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Getty makes those clips because research says that people out there somewhere want to buy them. Although, judging by the watermarks, the maker of this video did not.
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I like the video but DJ Rashad deserves his own post god damn. Some next level shit and I was sure he'd only get better :(
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