Haiti's fight for gay rights
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A dancer to the core, Deuby acts out his statements as he talks. He said he protects himself from attacks by hiding and acting more masculine. “When I walk I … ,” and he trailed off, flexing his biceps and frowning, but “when they aren’t there…” He trailed off and smiled flirtatiously.
A nuanced article on the movement(s) for LGBT rights in Haiti.
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Oh fuck, I remember doing exactly that kind of code-switching for a while. It sucked. And I can't help but think how very fucking lucky I am that I could safely say "fuck that, I am not pretending anymore."
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The stuff about Voodoo being much more accepting of non-cis/her sexuality was particularly interesting to me.
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Yeah, I very nearly used that as the pull quote. My favorite things in the article were the discussion of voodoo and the stuff about different LGBT factions disagreeing on tactics. It's not just a "monolithic Gay Community vs monolithic Traditional Religion" story.
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