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"When I began thinking about my own transition in 2008, I worried what people would think of me, and how they would see me," photographer Rhys Harper recently explained of being transgender and photographing trans subjects. "As a photographer ... I wanted to photograph people in a way that challenged the assumptions people make about transgender people, and gender non-conforming people." Cosmopolitan (!) showcases 14 photos from the show. [Trans 101 from GLAAD; Trans 101 from T-VOX]
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These are fantastic.
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These are really cool, thanks! I especially love that they're on the website for Cosmopolitan! Normally I hate that magazine and think it's dumb! Having Cosmo, a super mainstream publication, run a supportive piece, even on the website, about trans* people and (I think) use the correct pronouns the whole time is awesome!

Sister Estelle is an Episcopal nun who is currently renovating an old Victorian home as a safe home for people in transition.

Fuck yeah Episcopalianism many of us are crazy liberals who support all kinds of awesome shit!
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These are beautiful portraits. Thanks for the post!
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Brilliant pictures.
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Yay people!
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It is amazing how fast the media is changing on this topic now. Like, five years ago for this article to be in Cosmo would have been practically impossible. Beautiful pictures.
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Wow, those are some gorgeous photos of some beautiful people.

And ooh! hawk, very cool.
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Environmental portraits are my favourite type. Thanks for posting, wouldn't have seen these otherwise.
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Wait, trans people are real people? I thought they were all models and actresses!

(/sarcasm. These are amazing.)
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I want to be friends with all of them! This was a great find, thanks fffm.
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I get that this is trying to dispel misconceptions and stuff, but all I can see is 'here's another set of photos of beautiful people who pass pretty well!' which is, well, you see that quite a lot actually, and it's eternally frustrating not to see any representation of those of us who do look fucking weird and don't pass. Does sometimes feel like we don't get to join the mainstream, actually, but people that are a bit less challenging to our norms, people who are at least pretty close to our ideals of beauty, masculinity and femininity? Look at us being so inclusive and letting them in. See? Trans people totally don't have to be these horrible badly-passing monsters you think they are!

Well some of us ARE that. We deserve respect and recognition too.
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Well, sorry Dysk... I thought it was some nice photos of people who happen to be trans by a photographer who happens to be trans, picked up by Cosmo of all things.
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Yeah, not complaining at you personally or anything, just the trend of stuff like this in general that totally erases the existence of people like me in the service of challenging stereotypes with a bit of an undercurrent of "this is why you should not be transphobic" which is, well, somewhat problematic.
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