For the first time in history, neo-Nazis are marching against themselves
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If you can't beat them, sponsor them: residents of Wunsiedel, Upper Franconia, the former burial place of Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess, turned an annual neo-Nazi march into "Germany's most involuntary walkathon". For each meter the fascists marched, they unwittingly raised ten euros for Nazi opt-out program Exit Deutschland, which "helps right-wingers to escape from the scene and build a new life for themselves".
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The table with the bananas has a banner saying "Mein Mampf". 'Mampf' apparently means something like 'munchies' in German.
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and who said Germans have no sense of humor?
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I like this kind of moral jujitsu. I used to pass by a house owned by Jews that had a large wall on one side of it. Periodically, vandals would paint nazi swastikas on the wall. The next day the owners would whitewash the offending symbols, but they would be back a few days later. Finally, the owners decided to co-opt their adversaries by painting a circle with a line across it around each swastika, basically converting the nazi propaganda into ANTI-nazi propaganda. It worked, the wall was left alone after that.
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I like this. As an alternative, I could see them raising money for Jewish, Roma, Black, and LGBTQ causes. Because if you can't convince them to leave, let them know that they are marching for a good cause.
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Years back, Planned Parenthood in San Jose CA used a similar technique. They got their donors to sponsor the anti-abortion protestors. "You protest, we raise money." It reduced the number of anti people fairly quickly.
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Okay, the two things I've clicked on from Metafilter today led to new-to-me (if 2 years old) Flight of the Conchords material and now this. I'm all grins this morning.
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For the first time in history, neo-Nazis are marching against themselves

From a holistic perspective, one might say neo-Nazis are always marching against themselves, as they are human beings, and all fascism is anti-human.
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I thought public display of any sort of Naziism was illegal in Germany?
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Freedom of assembly and speech are also protected. The current situation is that Nazi parades and concerts must have explicitly political content to fall on the protected line.
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Folks also do this when the Westboro Baptist Church comes to town.
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I love the expression involuntary walk-a-thon.
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