Greil Marcus and Don DeLillo discuss Bob Dylan and Bucky Wunderlick
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The following conversation took place in 2005 in front of an audience at the Telluride film festival in Colorado, after a screening of Martin Scorsese’s documentary, Bob Dylan: No Direction Home.
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I had plans for this particular hour.
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I read something Greil Marcus wrote about the original Basement Tapes. He was particularly unkind to The Band. I thought it was hilarious. Thanks for posting this.
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(Could never get through Great Jones Street, though)
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Greil is one of my heroes. Thank you.

About a month back there was an *amazing* interview with him in Salon.
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I half wish we could do a fanfare about the new basement tapes box set. I'm starting to think Greil had this material kind of wrong.
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I know Greil Marcus revisited his famous "What is this shit?" review of Self Portrait for last year' reissue. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be even a substantial excerpt of it online. As for Great Jones Street, yeah, not in my top five, that's for sure. Like Mao II, the impression it did leave was in aphorisms such as,
"Any curly-haired boy can write windswept ballads. You have to crush people's heads. That's the only way to make those fuckers listen."
I occasionally recall, for the worst reasons, the opening lines on fame and suicide. Not an association that sends one bounding to the old bookshelf.
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