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So What, Who Cares? by Lisa Schmeiser - What is news or pop culture without context? Every day, I'll point out three to five things that you might like to know, explaining why they matter (So what?) and who they affect (Who cares?). Archives here.
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*clicks through*
posted by clvrmnky at 7:07 AM on November 20, 2014

So (blissfully) out of the loop on most things pop culture. After reading a few archives, I didn't hate this, so I may return and read more of the archives over the next few days. Thanks, TPS!

While I dig the retro web approach (nearly a Zine?!), I'd prefer an RSS feed.
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If anything, this entertaining archive has given me this to guffaw over for the rest of the day.
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I like this thing you have shown me!
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She is also MeFi's own sobell.
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The it's OK to like.
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(But yikes tinyletter's CSS for those image tags in the archives need margins.)
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Why We Will Never Be Warm Again

posted by louche mustachio at 9:01 AM on November 20, 2014

She is always a welcome presence on The Incomparable Podcast. I don't read comics, but I will still listen to what she has to say about them (and about movies and about books and…).

And now I think I will go listen to all of her other appearances on associated podcasts as listed here.
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This looks quite good. I have just bookmarked it. Thanks for sharing this.
posted by McMillan's Other Wife at 1:15 PM on November 20, 2014

I love this, thank you!
posted by triggerfinger at 1:21 PM on November 20, 2014

Hello! I only now had a chance to read the blue today and this has made my Thursday, for sure. Thank you, ThePinkSuperhero! And thanks for the other kind and thoughtful comments. I so appreciate the time you took to read, and say something.

terrapin, I am trying to figure out a quick and easy RSS hack for So What, Who Cares? Unfortunately, neither Typepad (where my mostly-fallow blog is) nor TinyLetter have channels on If This, Then That yet, and I have not yet put in an afternoon or two to come up with a Plan B. But believe me -- I'd love to offer an RSS feed.
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I've been trying to get my students to move beyond simple fact reportage and into this sort of explanation. (Our last project was actually called "So What?") This provides a wealth of great examples! Thanks!
posted by MsDaniB at 10:23 PM on November 20, 2014

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