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Sarah's Scribbles creatively balances several delightful influences. In an interview last winter, Sarah C. Andersen said her charming, silly, misanthropic, self-doubting, and relatable web comics (including her first "truly 'viral'" success, "Waking Up") have connections to Yotsuba (note: reads right to left) and Ponyo, plus Calvin and Hobbes (many previously). In comments this month associated with an FML, she added early Winnie the Pooh to the list and also mentioned where to find her illustrations in another style under another name. Her recent work for College Humor combines her comics with light essays. posted by Monsieur Caution (6 comments total) 22 users marked this as a favorite
Very similar to the wonderful Abby Howard (Strip Search) and her strip Junior Scientist Power Hour.
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Really nice.
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The barista one is more or less spot on.

/veteran of 8 years in the coffee trenches
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There is a whole cluster of woman cartoonists who are doing simple-but-eloquent these days.
Yes, Sarah, and yes, Abby Howard, but also:
Carolyn Hiler's "A Zillion Dollars"
Connie "to the Wonnie" Sun
Sarah Zimmerman's "Unearthed Comics"
Wendy "SurlyQueen" Witherow's "Life on a Stick"
Kelly Angel's "Anything About Nothing"
Klara Woldenga's "Robot Comics"
Lebanon-based Sareen Akharjalian's "Ink on the Side"
Ashley "Sass" Quach (previously here)
Liz Climo (previously here)

from the Way Too Obvious Department:
Kate Beaton's "Hark! A Vagrant!" (previously frequently)
and Jessica Hagy's "Indexed" (previously and previously and crediting MeFi for some of her success)

and my current absolute favorite, Gemma Correll (who can squeeze more funnies into one funny than almost anybody)

Sadly, Allie Brosh (previously here often) is doing everything she'd otherwise put into a webcomic into a non-previewed book (but, hey, that's where the money is)
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I love her comics. I'm routinely copying and pasting them into an email to send to my spouse because I'm becoming my grandmother.
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Coincidentally, Andersen will have a new zine on sale beginning Monday at her Etsy shop.
posted by Monsieur Caution at 8:52 PM on November 25, 2014

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