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"HVNGRY is an online publication for teen girls (and boys) wanting more from mainstream media. It’s a belly full of inspiration, motivation, passion, power, and taking-over-the-world."

This digital magazine aimed at teenagers was designed by a group of New Zealand students who wanted magazines for teenage girls to contain more than diet plans, fashion and tips for pleasing men.

Instead this magazine has features like:
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Poking around a bit, the magazine actually seems to be pretty worthwhile and its great that its written by young people for your people.

That said, the description immediately made me think of this Young Ones bit.
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I have a sneaking suspicion I would have really liked this publication were I a third to half my current age. I even read an entire article without rolling my eyes going "Oh my GAWD, wake me when these kids grow up!"

Not even once!
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I tell everyone who will listen that the kids today are alright. Thanks for providing me with more firepower.
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These are some pretty sweet founding principles:


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by young people for your people.

Obviously (I hope) that should read "by young people for young people."
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Every article I read was solid, interesting, and often amusing. Nicely done — I wish there'd been something like this when I was a teenage girl.
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Wow. This is pretty great. And I have a kid coming into the right age group for this. SCORE
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I would like to offer the huge disclaimer that I do think Rookie is awesome. But ... and yeah, there's always a but ... Rookie does sometimes feel like what a 20+-something woman thinks a teenage girl should be like and should be into. It's a great site and I enjoy it, but I think that's part of my problem with Rookie. I should not relate to it.

This feels more like it's for teenagers, by teenagers (even if it's not necessarily by teenagers). There's a looseness about the writing that I like. It's honest and kind of raw, in a good way. I liked it but it didn't feel like it was trying to appeal to me. It's not about adult women deciding these people are doing being a teenager right. It's about teenagers deciding they're doing it right.
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Based on the title, I originally thought this was an Onion piece. I'm glad I was wrong.
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The title was a quote by the founder, who gave a talk about the magazine at a conference I was at today. Originally I was going to link to the video of the talk, but it isn't available right now. Hopefully it will be soon and I'll link it in a comment If so.
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