"the family is the unit of cultural preservation."
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Domestic Turkeys were introduced to the North American colonies from Europe.
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The English colonies got their first breeds from Mexico via Europe, yes, but your phrasing does leave out a rather key part of the history.
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And on a more directly related note, this is a lovely little essay.
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Perfect essay for turkey day. Reminds me to be thankful for family.
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James G. Dickson, National Wild Turkey Federation (U.S.), United States. Forest Service The Wild turkey: biology and management Stackpole Books, 1992 ISBN 0-8117-1859-X
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This kind of immigrant-meets-Thanksgiving essay is a newspaper staple this time of year. As the daughter of immigrants, I eat them up (pun intended) and never tire of them. No matter what country the immigrants are from (the Philippines, Iran, Vietnam, Poland, Brazil) I can always see some of my own family's experience reflected. That's one of the many reasons I love Thanksgiving so much.
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In my family, we celebrate Thanksgiving as the day we got permission to leave the USSR.
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It was the ultimate gift my parents could have given their children, of optimism and safety, the feeling that the next Thanksgiving would be a lot like this one, a predictable celebration of abundance and family.
My grandparents were the immigrants, but this really hit home for me. It makes the stress worth it when I think of it this way.
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I want to eat songpyeon now. I've never heard of them before, but they're dumplings, so I want to eat them.

(And now I see that they're basically Korean mochi. I wouldn't necessarily call that a dumpling. Still want to eat them, though.)
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